Tierra del Fuego

Ushuaia, Capital of the State, is the southernmost City in the world. From the "end of the world" train (Tierra del Fuego Line) visitors are presented with breathtaking views of snow covered mountains, rivers and lakes and a vast natural forest at the Andes ridge. Two distinctive landscapes constitute this State (the Andes run from east to west as opposed to south-north in the rest of South America), the northern part called estepa patagonica and the southern region with its typical mountain geography. The island was discovered in 1520 by conquistador Hernando de Magallanes while he was looking for a path that would connect the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean

National Park
"End of world" Train adventure - Ushuaia
National Park
It is the only national park that has a coastal area (63,000 has covered with wild raw nature) It borders Chile to the west and the Beagle canal to the south. The landscape is very rough and unlikely to have plateaus. There is a small fee to get in.
Train to the end of the world The Ferrocarril Austral Fueguino (FAF) is the first train in Latinamerica to have been built with visitors in mind. It consists of steam engines, coaches comfortably heated and fitted with large windows. A roundtrip takes about
A subantartic forest covers the region up to 600 mts above sea level. There are plenty of rabits and the fauna is similar to the rest of the island but much more abundant. It is recommended a walk to the "black or dark" lake where dark waters have a mirror-like effect and where today rabits have become a plague after having been introduced in the 40's from Europe.
Beagle Chanel
2 hours. The train leaves the 'end of the world' station, 8 km west of Ushuaia, traveling through the National Park "Tierra del Fuego". The train is a masterpiece.Ushuaia
From October through March there are about 4 daily departures leaving 8:30 am, last train leaving at 5 pm.
There is a comfortable coffee shop at the station where without doubt visitors will enjoy chocolates and local akes. A visit to the FAF workshop and the musuem where there is a display of old pictures make this a well rounded experience. The trip covers almost the same tracks that the old 'convict train' did decades ago (T.del Fuego prision). The train is considered to have low environmental impact due to the number of passangers that carries and the type of fuel used.

Train to the end of the world
Weather permitting, it is a great place to spend at a minimum one day of camping. It is possible to rent tents and stay many more days. There are facilities and showers and a forest guard. Good cloth, a good pair of boots and some protection fo rain may be necessary

T. del fuego, Ushuaia
Fagnano Lake and Southern-most Ranches
Lake Fagnano

Fagnano Lake is about 100 km long. It ends in the "Estrecho de Magallanes" and it is the 6th biggest lake in the world. Although winds can get very strong it is considered excellent for fishing. Ushuaia, capital of T.del Fuego, has seen explosive growth in recent years due to Federal programs fo development. In 1970 there were only 5,000 habs. Today 30,000. Visits to local ranches can be arranged, where there is usually a very friendly environment, local sweets and a good warm tea !

Wild Life in Fagnano Lake


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